Woman Devises Brilliant Plan To Help Husband Remember His Packed Lunch

Picture this: you get to work the day after prepping a stellar packed lunch and realise that your beloved lunchbox is still in the fridge. Or even worse, getting all warm and soggy on the kitchen counter at home.

The struggle. is. real.

It's okay when it happens once or twice. But when it happens constantly, you know something needs to change.

For one woman, whose husband kept forgetting his lunch, it was becoming a major bugbear - which is why she devised a superb plan involving post-it notes and crude drawings, that would not let him forget his sarnies ever again.

The woman used bright pink post-it notes to signal to her husband that his lunch was hanging off the door handle.

The first post-it note said "Look!" with a hand-drawn picture of some boobs. The next note said, "Now look here" with an arrow pointing down to where his lunch hangs.

The hilarious post was uploaded by said husband to Reddit with the caption: "My wife has been trying anything to remind me to bring my lunch to work."

We can't help but think his wife is a genius.

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