Stephen Fry Offers A Guide To The UK In Heathrow Airport Promo Video

Stephen Fry Offers A Guide To The UK In The Most British Video Ever

National treasure and former 'QI' hostStephen Fry has been enlisted by the folks at Heathrow Airport to welcome foreign nationals to the UK in possibly the most British video ever.

The video was created to offer travellers some advice for their time in the UK, including the several golden rules of British culture:

  1. Talking about the weather.
  2. Always agreeing with someone about the weather.
  3. Queuing. Queuing queuing queuing.
  4. Tutting.
  5. Cheering if anyone drops a glass.
  6. Saying "after you" in a continuous loop until the end of time.

What would we do without Stephen?


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