Women Reveal Their Ideal Male Body Type (And There's A Lot Of Love For 'Pudgy' Bods)

Women have opened up about their ideal male body type, as well as what parts of the male body they're most attracted to. And we think we've found a clear winner.

GQ magazine surveyed women to get to the bottom of whether height, body-type and booty actually matter to them when they're looking for a guy to date.

It showed that a lot of women love Dadbods and tall guys, but above all they adore squishy bums.

Height has always been a highly debatable topic among women when it comes to men - and the survey found that 73% of ladies prefer a guy taller than 5' 9".

One woman said she doesn't want to date a guy who is smaller than her and added that her ideal guy needs extra height, in comparison to her, so that she can wear heels and not tower over him.

Meanwhile another woman added that the hugs are better with tall men as they "fold down into your body". A bit like this...

Half of the women surveyed said they prefer athletic bodies, with one citing Dwayne Johnson as having the "perfect" physique.

But a lot of the women said that they equally like guys with a bit of "cushion". In fact, more than half (51%) of women find pudginess attractive.

As one woman said: "If you can double as my mattress, you can be my boyfriend."

Finally, judging by the cries of "butts are cute" and "butts are the best" towards the end of the video, the rear area of a guy is a pretty big deal for a lot of women.

Out of the women surveyed, 62% agreed that a good butt is important - but not too big and, equally, not non-existent.

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