'Celebrity Big Brother' Contestant Christopher Maloney's Nan Insists She Wanted To 'Lock Him Up' To Stop Him Appearing On 'CBB'

Ever since it was revealed that Christopher Maloney was heading into the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house, there’s been one person we’ve been on the edge of our seat to hear from, and they’ve finally spoken out.

We’re talking, of course, about his famous nan.

Christopher Maloney with his nan, Pat

You may recall that throughout his time on ‘The X Factor’, Christopher constantly referred to his cherished grandmother, who cropped up repeatedly in the audience during the live shows and, on a few glorious occasions, in the opening VTs.

“I said I hoped he’d go away for a holiday so I could see him relax and he said ‘I am, you know. I’m going away for a couple of weeks holiday. If I like it I’ll stay for a fortnight and if it’s cheap enough I’ll stay three weeks.’”

However, she later admitted she wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of her grandson making another foray into the world of reality television.

“I won’t look at it. And I’ve told them all not to say anything about it when they come and see me, because as far as I’m concerned he’s not there. We went through enough [on ‘The X Factor’].”

Upon entering the house, Christopher was confronted with his former friend Danniella Westbrook, who he had a much-publicised falling out with in the months before the ‘CBB’ launch.

‘CBB’ airs nightly on Channel 5.

Danniella Westbrook

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