08/01/2016 12:41 GMT | Updated 08/01/2016 12:59 GMT

'Coronation Street' Spoiler: Alison King Confirms She's Quitting Carla Connor Role For Good

‘Coronation Street’ actress Alison King has cleared up the confusion surrounding her impending exit from the soap.


Last year, it was reported that Alison would be bowing out from the ITV soap, after 10 years in the role of Carla Connor.

While it was initially reported that she was leaving the cobbles for good, conflicting reports later suggested that she was only taking a break from the soap.

Alison King as Carla Connor

However, speaking to Radio Times, Alison has now cleared things up once and for all, insisting that she won’t be back in ‘Corrie’.

She explained: “It's been put out there that I'm taking a sabbatical, but I'm not. They’ve very graciously left the doors open for me to come back if I want to. And I haven't ruled that out. But this is a new chapter for me.

“Creatively, I miss being other people. It’s what I went to drama school for. I love playing diverse characters and meeting new people. And, truthfully, I also want to be able to get my voiceover career going again. There’s all sorts of things that I used to do, which I can’t do while I’m on Coronation Street. So, those are the reasons, really.”

As well as exploring other career ventures, the soap actress says her six-year-old daughter, Daisy, was also behind her decision to quit.

Alison says: “My daughter Daisy is the main victim because she has to share so much of her mummy’s time with ‘Corrie’. A lot of the time, Carla's stories are high octane, emotional stuff. The learning of it takes up my weekends and it can be mentally and physically exhausting to perform.

“In my head, I only meant to stay four years. And I'm now going into my tenth year. So all Daisy has ever known is me getting out of the house at 7.30 in the morning and getting back when she’s in bed. I’ve probably only ever done about 20 pick-ups or drop-offs in all the time she's been at school, which is quite sad.”

Before her final departure, though, the drama surrounding Carla isn’t about to die down, as she’s currently about to discover that her late husband was actually her cousin, after learning the truth about her real father.

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