'Lip Sync Battle' Comes To UK, With David Walliams Channelling Adele, And Alesha Dixon Honouring Skepta

'Lip Sync Battle' has proved a phenomenon States-side, and tonight it comes to the UK, with Mel B and Professor Green hosting the brand new show on Channel 5.


It's not a complicated idea. Basically, two celebrities take to the floor, to mime the lyrics of one of their favourite songs. Each performs two songs, one as themselves, one impersonating another artist. The better at doing this, wins.

Daniel Radcliffe and Stephen Merchant are just two of the surprisingly talented performers at this particular game, both of them leaving chat show host Jimmy Fallon standing when they debuted this party trick on his show.

Kicking off tonight in the UK, David Walliams channels his inner Adele for a rendition of her 'Hello'...

While Alesha Dixon gets suitably sassy for Skepta's 'Shut Down'

Mel B told BBC Newsbeat of about the British version: "With it being a UK show [we're going to get] UK celebrities to come on but they're going to be the same quality of people as the American show."

Lip Sync Battle UK debuts on Channel 5 tonight, Friday 8 January, at 10pm.