08/01/2016 05:26 GMT | Updated 08/01/2016 05:59 GMT

Woman Live Tweets Her Neighbours Having Mind-Bogglingly Loud Sex

Woman blocking ears with fingers
Jamie Grill via Getty Images
Woman blocking ears with fingers

A woman has live-tweeted her neighbours having extremely loud sex and the audio recordings are genuinely mind-boggling.

Stacey Ritzen, who is a writer and editor for UPROXXX, took a series of videos inside her apartment while her neighbours were getting down to business next door.

In each of the clips a woman can be heard having absolutely ear-shattering orgasms.

Once the wailing started it just kept going on...

And on...

And on...

Thankfully the excitement was (almost) over by the next day.

If we were you Stacey, we'd invest in some earplugs.


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