Woman Comes Up With Glorious Way To Make Her Long-Distance Relationship Work

Woman Has Adorable Way Of Making Her Long-Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships are hard.

Most of your relationship is lived out through hour-long Skype sessions, constant texting, occasional sexting and - when your other half is asleep or otherwise engaged - social media stalking. Not ideal.

Realising that, at times, it was particularly difficult to cope with having the love of her life living in another country, one clever woman decided to hide a suitcase full of letters and goodies in her boyfriend's room.

Three days after she'd left to go back home, Mikki messaged her boyfriend Tyson and told him to look under his side table.

This is what he found...

The suitcase was filled with envelopes containing specific instructions dependant on Tyson's mood or how his day had panned out.

For example, there's a package to open when his bed stops smelling of Mikki, or when he's sick of living in Canada.

The pair met seven years ago on DeviantArt, a website where creatives showcase their work. They kept in touch and, in May 2015, they met for the first time and instantly hit it off.

Mikki, who is a designer, lives in Minneapolis while Tyson, a photographer, lives in Canada.

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Tyson took photos of the envelopes and shared them on Imgur. His post has since been viewed almost 300,000 times.

So far, he has only opened one of the packages - the one which said "open when your bed no longer smells like me" - and discovered it was a bottle of Mikki's perfume.

Tyson described his girlfriend as "truly one of a kind" and added: "We are trying to find ways to be together."

Hundreds of Imgur users have commented on the touching post to say that she's a "keeper".


While another added: "MARRY HER! YOU MARRY HER RIGHT NOW!"

We second this.