'EastEnders' Kat And Alfie Moon Spin-Off Show To Begin Filming In April, Ahead Of Autumn Air Date

Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie will soon begin filming their ‘EastEnders’ spin-off drama, which will chart Kat and Alfie Moon’s journey to Ireland.

The duo, who will tread the boards in the dark comedy ‘The Perfect Murder’ first, are set to film on location from April.

The drama will chart Kat's search for her son

Shane appeared on ‘The One Show’ to discuss the project, explaining: "We start filming in Ireland literally straight after the play. We're out there for three and a half, four months.

“We're so excited. We know the story – we know Alfie's got a brain tumour and Kat has a son. We don't know where it's being filmed.”

A number of key details still need to be pinned down though, and Shane added: "Tomorrow we've got a big meeting where we'll be looking at scripts.

“We haven't got a title for it at the moment, but all we know is that it's gonna be massive.”

Shane first appeared as Alfie in 2002

The as-yet-untitled show will arrive on our screens in the Autumn.

The Slater family have been at the centre of a number of dramatic scenes in recent weeks, following Kat’s surprise Christmas Day return.

She was soon joined by Big Mo and her dad Charlie, but tragedy struck when he had a heart attack and died.

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