Morrisons Shopper Finds 'Ham And A Pubic Hair' In Raspberry Turnover


A frustrated shopper has launched a tirade against national supermarket chain Morrisons after he allegedly found a chunk of boiled pork and a short, black hair in a baked treat.

NHS worker Kurt Harrison, 26, tweeted the company asking why there was "a piece of ham and a pube" in his raspberry turnover purchased from their Preston location.

"When I opened it up to inspect it, there was a piece of ham lying in the middle," Harrison said, according to the Mail.

"After scraping the cream off to be positive it was what I thought it was, there was also another smaller piece of ham rolled up with a black hair sticking out from the middle.

"I debated whether or not to bother doing anything about it and decided I would take a photo and tweet Morrisons asking for an explanation."

"In all fairness Morrisons were just as shocked as I was. I've returned the cake as requested and it is being investigated further. They have done what they can to deal with it."

A spokesperson for Morrisons confirmed to HuffPost UK an investigation has been launched into the matter.

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