Verizon Gives Sir Mix-A-Lot's Old Mobile Number To New Customer With Hilarious Results

Student Learns Of Raunchy Texts Famous Rappers Get After Landing Sir Mix-A-Lot's Old Number

One Verizon customer has found out the hard way, what it is like to be rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot' or at least have his old phone number.

The hilarity began when the American company gave Jonathan Nichols a new phone.

Soon after, Nichols' text were filled with backstage pass offers and raunchy pictures, the Seattle Times reported.

The 33-year-old law student suspected something was wrong when luxury-car dealerships started calling him asking if "a Mr Anthony Ray" (Sir Mix-A-Lot's real name) would like to try out cars from Lamborghini and Jaguar.

"Id love to," Nichols said. "But I think you have the wrong guy. I'm a broke law student." The strange messages also included pictures of women in bikinis in "various states of raunchy repose," the Seattle Times reported.

After a day in August, when his phone was bombarded with texts from a number of women, Nichols decided to call the "Baby Got Back" rapper.

"Are you serious?" the rapper said after being told about the confusion. “That is hilarious. Poor fella.”

While Nichols has been tempted to take up the free concert offers, there is only one voicemail he has save according to the Seattle Times.

“This used to be Sir Mix-A-Lot,” it states. “You get someone calling you talking about they be Snoop Dogg, they really are. Lucky you.”

The rapper has since apologised to Nichols via a tweet.


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