18/01/2016 05:13 GMT | Updated 18/01/2016 10:59 GMT

Detachable Cabin Safety System Aims To Save Lives During Disaster Plane Crashes

A Ukranian engineer has reinvented the concept of an airplane by proposing that detachable cabins could be the way to save lives on mass in the event of an emergency.

Vladimir Tatarenko, has received a patent for an escape capsule that would remove itself from a failing plane through the rear hatch of the aircraft within seconds of an emergency.

According to Live Leak, the invention should work in the event of an engine failure, a fire on board or bad weather conditions.

Once ejected, the capsule would safely land its passengers by parachuting to the ground.


Critics have raised concerns around whether the capsule would be able to fly whether the system sufficiently takes the pilots' safety into consideration.

Speaking to Live Leak, Tatarenko said it could take years before the concept becomes a reality and that the estimated cost of bringing the capsule to market would be around $1 million.

However, given that the capsule would be powered by two gunpowder engines airlines have reportedly show little interest as it would increase the rate of fuel consumption and decrease the number of seats available.

Tatarenko states the only situation the capsule would not work in is if the plane came under a rocket attack.