Disappointed Mum Shares Photo Of Son's Spelling Homework With Glaringly Obvious Mistakes

A mum tweeted a photo of her son's Year 6 spelling homework that featured misspelt words from the teacher.

Amanda, tweeting from @Pandamoanimum, shared the worksheet that had been glued into her son's exercise book asking pupils to spell six words.

Out of the six spellings the children were asked to learn, two of them were wrong: 'immediately' was spelt as 'immediateley' and 'sincerely' spelt as 'sincerley' .

"My son has spellings from school that they want him to learn," she tweeted. "I'm currently holding my head and sighing."

The tweet received nearly 2,000 retweets.

Twitter users soon picked up on the other wrongly-used words in the paragraph above the spellings - 'week' used instead of 'work' and 'you' instead of 'your'.

The note read: "For homework each week, I will be sending home six words from the recommended spelling test, which I will then pick up in class the following work [sic].

"Please try to help you [sic] child learn these as it will make a real difference."

One person commented: "Shocking, please tell me this isn't real."

Another tweeted: "This is appalling. There is no excuse."

Some Twitter users questioned whether the mum had faked the photo somehow.

In order to prove she hadn't, Amanda shared a photo of her son's exercise book and gave a bullet-point explanation.

She said: "I will be, of course, going into the school and questioning why something so littered with errors was sent home."

Amanda tweeted an update six hours after the original photo explaining that she had found a corrected spelling sheet in her son's bag.

She wrote: "Found this in son's bag. Assume errors realised and meant to stick this in instead. *shakes head again*."

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