A Drone Has Landed On A Moving Car In Germany

Researchers in Germany have created a drone which can land on the roof of a moving car completely unassisted.

The team based at the German Aerospace Centre were able to program the drone to identify a QR code located on the roof of the car and then land itself using the QR code as an anchor.

While that in itself is impressive the team also managed to do it at 75km/h.

While impressive as a visual spectacle the team are hoping that by creating a simple and effective piece of software they can help spawn the next-generation of drones that would no longer need conventional runways.

Instead these propellor-driven aircraft could launch from moving vehicles and then when their battery gets low enough, return, land and then recharge all without the need for a pilot.

There's also the considerable advantage that comes from building a drone without any landing gear. Ultra-light solar-powered vehicles can become vital scientific instruments and yet much of their chassis is taken up by the wheels needed to land and take-off.

By removing these the researchers believe they can create a better class of drone.