'Alien Abduction' Report To Mutual UFO Network Backed By Mobile Phone Images

A Woman Claims She Has Taken Photos Of An Actual Alien Abduction

A 40-year-old woman who believes she was abducted by aliens has sent in images, allegedly captured on her phone, to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) - an organisation dedicated to the study of UFO, aliens and paranormal activity.

In an attempt to convince the network that the pictures are real, the photographers appear to have used several filters to show viewers a blurry amalgamation of human-like features that apparently belong to extraterrestrial beings.

While these shots were most likely taken on an earthly location (such as a garage), the unnamed woman is a firm believer that she was a victim of an abduction.

The story, first reported by the Express, cites her conversation with MUFON in which she said: "I believe I was abducted that night."

The Illinois resident said her boyfriend was sleeping in his van in the driveway, as the couple had an argument at the time.

"I was lighting a cigarette on the stove and had a scratch off ticket in my hand," she added.

"The next thing I know I'm waking up on the floor of my bathroom in foetal position.

"The cigarette I had and ticket were on the floor in the kitchen apparently I'd dropped them."

In response to those who accused her story of being fake, she said: "When you truly look at the detail you see they are other worldly and cannot be faked."

MUFON's lead investigator for "alien experiences" Kathleen Marden described the types of people who often file alien reports to the network.

In an interview with VICE she said: "A very small percentage of experiencers who request an investigation and file a report have done so in order to attempt to pull off a deception."

However, she also added "if they bring publicity to themselves, it's of a negative type. They're criticised by the public and by skeptics, and nobody makes a lot of money doing this."

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