This Man Secretly Hand-Made A Unique Engagement Ring While His Girlfriend Was Studying

This Man Secretly Hand-Made An Engagement Ring That Is Truly Unique

More couples than ever are opting for unique engagement rings - favouring smaller brands and off-piste styles - but what if you want something truly one-of-a-kind?

That's what Redditor Jarvicious had in mind - so he decided to make one himself.

When his girlfriend was out for her evening classes and internship, he spent every evening secretly and painstakingly crafting the perfect engagement ring, using the knowledge gained from a brief course in metal artistry.

"I hear future wives like shiny things so I decided to build her a shiny thing," he wrote in a Reddit post, sharing the incredible images of his jewellery making journey.

First, he took a "random piece of copper"...

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