Pregnant Woman's Video Of Baby's Extreme Movements In Belly Called 'Extremely Unusual' By Doctor

A video of a pregnant woman's bump stretching due to her baby's extreme movements has been called "extremely unusual" by a doctor.

The mum-to-be uploaded the 47-second clip to YouTube and the dramatic nature of the baby "pushing" against her belly has prompted commenters to question whether it was faked.

"This amount of activity would be extremely unusual," Dr Helen Webberley, GP for told HuffPost UK Parents.

The video was uploaded by YouTube user Cel Liam in May 2014, but has only recently been doing the rounds on social media.

In the clip, you can see smaller, more common movements of the baby in the belly.

However half-way through, what looks like it could be the baby's arm or foot, shoots up and stretches the woman's belly.

The woman can then be seen massaging it to try and encourage more movement.

On YouTube the mother in the video wrote: "Yes it was real I did not think when taking in the video that he would do this to me. But it does not hurt at all."

People commenting weren't so sure, calling it "weird" and asking the mum to again confirm whether it is real.

Dr Webberley said there were a couple of things she found unusual about the foetal movements in the video.

"Based on the size of the foetus, this pregnancy is in the latter stages, at which point the baby would usually be very curled up and compressed, instead a considerable amount of activity can be seen on the film," she said.

"Also, this movement is taking place inside the womb, inside the mother's abdominal wall.

"The womb alone is a muscular organ that has muscle thick enough to both contain the pregnancy and also contract during labour.

"As such, the baby's movements would have to be even more rigorous than perceived in order to travel across the various layers in such a visible way, again this amount of activity would be extremely unusual."

Could you see your baby moving like this when you were pregnant? Let us know in the comments below.

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