Disney Princesses Visit Sexual Health Clinics To Remind Women To Get Checked For STIs

Disney Princesses Visit Sexual Health Clinics For A Very Good Reason

Looking after your sexual health could save your life, yet in 2016, safe sex and after care are still subjects we shy away from talking about.

To combat this stigma once and for all, writer Danielle Sepulveres teamed up with illustrator Maritza Lugo to create images of Disney princesses visiting sexual health clinics.

"Preventative care is essential and comprehensive sex education is seriously lacking in so many places, we wanted people everywhere to really start having a discussion about it," Sepulveres tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

Maritza adds: "As someone who identifies as a feminist, I think it's extremely important to advocate for women's health issues and self care. By illustrating images with incredibly familiar characters, I was able to help drive home Danielle's point and cause for concern."

Check out more of the Disney-inspired images below or visit Tumblr to read more about the project.

Disney Princesses Go For Sexual Health Checks

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