27/01/2016 07:27 GMT | Updated 27/01/2016 07:59 GMT

Conan O'Brien Trains With A Military Dog Unit At Al Udeid Air Base In Qatar

When it comes to late night comedy talk shows, only one man goes above and beyond the call of duty - Conan O'Brien.

Fresh from a side-splitting trip to Armenia late last year, Conan took some time out to visit the Al Udeid air base in Qatar to entertain the troops and chill out with Michelle Obama to support the families of those serving in the US military.

But one of the most rib-tickling highlights of his trip was when he trained with the Military Working Dog Section where he met some lovely soldiers, had a go at the training course the dogs use, and even got into an altercation with a German Shepherd named Astor.

Check out the video above for every hilarious moment.