Semi-Naked Jenni Eclair Poster Could Be 'Banned' From London Underground Due To 'Nudity'

A poster of comedian Jenni Eclair in her underwear could be removed from London Underground on the basis of 'nudity'.

The advert, which promotes a London tour date, features the 55-year-old in her underwear and a pair of fluffy slippers.

The former Loose Women presenter tweeted the news on Tuesday, drawing similarities between an infamous Protein World poster and her own: "Rumblings my poster advertising only London tour date might be banned due to 'nudity' - ahem compare and contrast... I rest my case your honour."

According to a later tweet sent by Eclair: "The media buyers have contacted my management to say the artwork has been referred for further approval due to 'nudity'."

Speaking to The Evening Standard, TFL confirmed that the advert had been referred to the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), who offer confidential advisory service for media buyers. TFL added that this was standard practice for adverts featuring individuals in underwear or swimwear.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, a spokesperson from CAP and ASA was unable to confirm whether there had been any complaints made by the public at this time.

Protein World's Beach Body Ready advert, which Eclair compared hers to, was removed from the London Underground and investigated by Advertising Standards Authority, but the ASA later ruled that the advert was neither offensive nor sexist.

Other twitter users drew comparisons to other current tube posters:

"Its interesting how no-one is up in arms, regarding this current Tube Poster," wrote Luke Williams.

And many tweeted in support of Eclair's poster.

Journalist Felicity Morse wrote: "Don’t let this be the case. Please. It makes me despair to be a woman."

Others joked that perhaps the advert was under investigation because of the fluffy slippers or the misspelled word "Leiceister".

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