Physicist Shoots Himself Underwater In Ludicrous Slow-Motion Experiment

A Man Just Fired An Assault Rifle At Himself Underwater To Prove A Point

A Norwegian physicist has shown what would happen if you fired an assault rifle underwater in what might go down as the most foolhardy experiment this year.

The utterly bizarre experiment saw Andreas Wahl put himself in the direct firing line of an assault rifle in a swimming pool with nothing but his knowledge of molecules to protect him.

Holding a piece of wire attached to the trigger Wahl then fires the assault rifle capturing the entire terrifying ordeal on slow-motion cameras.

Thankfully for Wahl, physics comes to the rescue. The smug physicist was able to prove that because in water the molecules are far closer to each other than in air the resistance is increased by several magnitudes.

As a result, the bullet almost immediately loses all its momentum and drifts harmlessly to the floor.

Now we're not usually squeamish but this definitely goes down as one of the hardest things we've ever had to watch because despite all common sense, you really do think it's going to go horribly wrong.

While Wahl is certainly the first person to have stood in front of himself while firing a gun underwater, he's actually not the first person to fire a gun underwater.


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