Testicular Cancer Fighter Shares Positive 'Before And After' Chemo Photo Prompting Men To Get Checked

A brave man who battled testicular cancer has shared his story in the hope that it will encourage other men to check themselves.

The guy, who is known as 'LandK22', has spoken of his experiences of having chemotherapy. But rather than focusing on the negative aspects of the treatment - such as the weight loss, hair loss and nauseousness - he has praised it for "saving his ass".

Since sharing his story on Imgur and imploring fellow men to check their testicles for lumps, he has received an array of positive messages from the Imgur community who have commended his upbeat attitude and branded him a "fighter".

The man before and after battling testicular cancer

The man explained that he found a lump on his neck one day and went to get it checked out. After undergoing tests and a biopsy, he was diagnosed with cancer.

He said he was "hopeful" that he'd caught the cancer soon, but it wasn't so.

"Later tests showed my testicular cancer had spread up my lymphatic system and onto my organs," he explained.

Because the cancer had spread, he immediately started chemotherapy sessions.

Speaking about the treatment, LandK22 praised it for saving his life and for helping him to lose weight and get in shape.

"I was 235 pounds before my chemical diet and a healthy 145 after," he said. "My treatments worked, along with surgeries to remove what's left."

He is now married to the love of his life

The man has since had one of his testicles removed and says he is "better and recovering". He has also now married the love of his life and one day hopes to make "cute, fat babies" .

He added: "No need for sympathy or to feel bad. Look, I'm smiling and married to a purdy lady."

He explained that he didn't feel his best at 145lbs, so he has put on more weight and is at a "good medium weight".

His parting words to fellow men: "Get checked, cancer has took [sic] enough people from our world."

A lump in the testicle

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