Woman's Powerful Essay For People Who Think Her Sex Life Is Non-Existent Because She's 'Fat'

Woman's Essay For Those Who Think She Has No Sex Life Because She's 'Fat'

A woman has written a powerful rant hitting back at those who think they have the right to judge her (and her relationship with her husband) because she is overweight.

And we love her for it.

Joni Edelman, 41, weighs 210lbs (15 stone), and says her husband is smaller. But they have a bloody fantastic sex life and are "madly in love", despite what other people might believe.

Edelman said that she was recently invited to be part of a TV programme about body positivity, but it turned out to be more of an opportunity to pry into her and her "thin" husband's relationship - which very much included their sex life.

For Edelman, who is from California, it was the final straw. She has since written a powerful essay hitting some home truths on the topic of being curvy and having sex.

Understandably, following her uncomfortable run-in with the TV programme's producer, she declined the opportunity to appear on the show.

"Even though it is an anatomical truth that my husband is, in fact, smaller than me, it certainly doesn’t warrant an entire half-hour program devoted to its discussion," she wrote in the post on Ravishly.

She said that the fact anyone thinks her sex habits are television-worthy "only reinforces the perception that the life of a fat person is so obscure, so completely outlandish, that the world would need a docu-drama to understand it".

Edelman said people find it hard to believe that she and her husband have sex. And it's something she wants to iron out, once and for all.

"We have sex. We have it a lot. It is good," she wrote.

The mother-of-five said that, just like any other heterosexual couple, her and her husband have "cis-man, cis-woman intercourse".

She then went on to explain that they also enjoy oral sex, despite her having a "fatter vulva" and "fatter body".

"I like oral sex — giving and receiving. I don’t feel a shroud of shame over my jiggling parts. I don’t feel so paralysingly embarrassed that I can’t enjoy myself and find joy in him enjoying himself," she explained.

"My body is not a source of shame for me — even though the world will tell me it is. I will not listen."

Amen, Edelman. Amen.

Oh look. Going out. Like people do.

Posted by Joni Edelman on Saturday, July 27, 2013
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