'Coronation Street' Spoiler: Simon Barlow Strikes Again! Youngster's Violent Actions Leave Leanne Stunned

Simon Strikes Again In 'Corrie'

Leanne is set for more drama with Simon in ‘Coronation Street’, when another violent turn - this time in public - leaves her stunned.

Scenes that air in early February will show Simon telling Leanne that he doesn’t want her to go and watch his football match, but she refuses to listen.

Leanne hits it off with Simon's coach

After turning up with Ken and Zeedan, Leanne gets chatting to a man she met the night before, who, coincidentally, is also the manager of Simon’s team.

Embarrassed by Leanne’s flirting, Simon complains at half-time, but things get even worse when he leaves another player writhing in pain after a vicious tackle.

What will his stepmum do now?

An abuse storyline between Leanne and Simon began in mid-2015, when viewers saw the youngster begin acting violently towards his stepmum.

Simon's teammates are equally shocked

Things developed as the year went on, and in November he found another target, turning his attention to cousin Amy when Leanne left Simon in Ken’s care for a while.

Sadly, her plan didn’t work, and rather than cooling off, Simon took his feelings out on Amy.

These scenes will air on on Monday 8 February. Catch up on all the latest ‘Corrie’ news and spoilers here.

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