01/02/2016 11:26 GMT | Updated 01/02/2016 11:59 GMT

'Celebrity Big Brother': Jeremy McConnell Apologises To Stephanie Davis' Boyfriend Sam Reece

In a surprise turn of events, ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ evictee Jeremy McConnell Cooke has apologised to Sam Reece, for getting romantically involved with his girlfriend, Stephanie Davis, inside the house.


Over the past few weeks, Jeremy and Stephanie have been growing increasingly close - all under the watchful eye of Big Brother, of course - culminating in them spending one of their last nights in the house kissing in the bedroom.

Appearing on Monday’s ‘This Morning’, Jeremy addressed the model directly, telling him: “To Sam, I’m sorry the way it worked out.”


Jeremy on 'This Morning'

However, while he offered his apologies to Sam, he insisted that he would still be pursuing Stephanie once she left the ‘CBB’ house.

He said: “I meant everything I said in there. I always follow my heart. I read some stuff about a showmance. I just went with my heart, I stand by that.”

stephanie davis jeremy

Stephanie and Jeremy in the 'CBB' house last week

This comes after an interview in The Sun, where he defended Stephanie for getting with him in the house despite being single, insisting she wouldn’t have done it had she been happy in her relationship.

Jeremy told the newspaper: “I know she wouldn’t sacrifice a relationship that she thought was solid or she wanted to marry this guy.

"Steph told me things that she wasn’t happy about. Obviously there were chinks in the chain in Steph’s relationship. She wasn’t happy. She’s never been treated by a guy who has her best interests at heart.”

stephanie davis sam reece

Stephanie and Sam attending an event last year

Meanwhile, it sounds like Sam is having quite the time of it at the moment, with reports suggesting he’s been dropped by his PR, who he used to share with Stephanie.

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