01/02/2016 09:21 GMT | Updated 01/02/2016 09:59 GMT

Dad Instantly Regrets Creating Shadow Puppets For Daughter

Parents know all too well that a child's likes and dislikes are hard to predict and what delights one child is likely to upset the next.

For one child, puppets, clowns, face painting and fancy dress might be a dream, while for others it's complete nightmare.

This dad learned the hard way how little his toddler liked shadow puppets.

On a sunny day, he filmed his toddler walking along the pavement outside.


Realising his shadow was in the shot, the dad decided to play with his daughter by creating a shadow crocodile with his hand, slowly coming towards her.

Big mistake.

The dad quickly stops and scoops his daughter up for a cuddle: "Come here, I got you, I got you" he says.

The video was posted to Reddit and has been viewed 635,000 times on YouTube in just two days.


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