This Leaping Lemur Likes To 'Move It Move It'

This dancing lemur definitely likes to 'move it move it'.

Just like a scene straight out of the animated film 'Madagascar' the real life 'King Julian' was pictured strutting his stuff across a forest in Madagascar.

Australian wildlife photographer Shannon Benson captured this hilarious moment whilst working on the island off the southeast coast of Africa.

The Sifaka Lemur pulls out its 'jazz hands' dance moves as it crosses a road in Madagascar

As if trying to impress something on the other side of the road, the Sifaka lemur can be seen pulling out all of the best dance moves, including 'jazz hands', 'heel clicks' and a 'pink-panther' walk.

Known for its distinct way of moving, they stand on their hind legs and throw their arms in the air in order to get away from predators as quickly as possible.

Dancing Lemur