How To Make Your Home Into A Learning Haven

Embarking On Further Education? Here's How To Turn Your Home Into A Cosy Study Space

As anyone who's ever tried working from home can attest, environment does indeed affect productivity.

Which is to say that screaming children, a pile of dirty laundry and dishes and a messy workspace loosely translates into getting no work done.

The same is true for studying: when you're in learning mode, your home needs to be, too. That means minimising distractions, maximising your space (no matter how small), and getting organised.

"There are so many distractions at home! Snacks, TV, music - even just walking away from the study materials becomes easier at home," says certified professional organiser Amy Trager. "It's a lot easier to want a break and wind up wasting away an hour with some distraction [than it is if you're on campus]."

"When you’re learning from home, the state of your immediate environment is massively important," agrees Juliette Denny, managing director of eLearning site Growth Engineering.

"For most people, keeping your workspace tidy and ensuring you have plenty of light will work wonders when getting you into the

right frame of mind.

"Also, remember that in a classroom you probably only have about a desk’s worth of space, so learning at home can feel like learning in a palace! You’ll be able to make room for any notes and books you need, and build a proper learning battle station. Just make sure that you’re near a plug socket if you’re learning online!"

Looking to turn your home into a learning haven? Click through the slideshow below for expert tips on how to do it.