Investigator Steps Up Probe Into Spain Murder

Investigator Steps Up Probe Into Spain Murder

A top investigator has released an artist's impression of a man seen in the vicinity of the murder of a Scottish man as his family mark what would have been his 30th birthday this week.

Quantity surveyor Craig Mallon, originally from Lanarkshire, was killed with a single punch in Spain's Lloret de Mar in the early hours of May 19 2012 in a motiveless attack outside Rockefellers nightclub.

He was in the Costa Brava resort with eight friends for his stepbrother Bryan's stag do and is believed to have been seen talking to a girl with long blonde hair a few feet from the door of the club not long before his death.

Just seven hours after arriving in Lloret, he was assaulted and died in the street near Rockefellers.

But the investigation into his murder went cold and the family of Craig, who was working as a project manager in Australia, turned to investigator David Swindle and his Crime Solutions firm for help.

Now the former detective, best known as senior investigating officer in the case of Scottish serial killer Peter Tobin, has managed to secure a copy of the 600-page case file into Craig's murder for the family.

It includes the artist's impression of a man seen at the scene, which he has had printed on posters and has released on social media.

He said: "We got a mandate which enabled us to get hold of the 600-page case file, which included an artist's impression of quite a distinctive looking guy.

"We've now released it on social media in different languages and we're trying to get access to CCTV from the night Craig was killed.

"We have also enlisted a state-funded lawyer for Craig's family. We are analysing the case file for new leads and the lawyer is talking to a judge to try and progress the case."

:: David Swindle, who has run Crime Solutions since retiring from Strathclyde Police in 2011, talks about his brainchild, Operation Anagram - an ongoing probe into the murders of Peter Tobin - in an exclusive interview in today's edition of Inside Crime magazine.


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