Piers Morgan Accuses Susan Sarandon Of 'Flaunting Breasts For Publicity' At SAG Awards, And She Issues Sassy Response

Susan Sarandon And Piers Morgan In Twitter Spat Over Cleavage

Susan Sarandon and Piers Morgan have become embroiled in a Twitter war, centred around her cleavage.


It all started when Piers accused Susan of being “horribly inappropriate” and “tacky” with her choice of attire at the SAG Awards last week.

He suggested to his Twitter followers that “flaunting her breasts” for what was an ‘In Memoriam’ tribute was a publicity stunt, but fortunately she didn’t seem particularly fazed by her comments.

A day later on her own Twitter account, she uploaded a throwback photo from her days playing Janet in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, where she was seen in just her underwear.

She captioned the picture simply: “Today’s #TBT is dedicated to @piersmorgan”

Not one to be outdone, he then shared his own revealing snap - WARNING CAN NOT BE UNSEEN DON’T SCROLL DOWN IF YOU’RE OF A NERVOUS DISPOSITION - before clarifying exactly what he meant with his remarks.

Piers pointed out to the actress that it wasn’t the actual outfit that he was uncomfortable with, more the occasion to which she chose to wear it.

She is yet to respond.

Susan isn’t the only star to be on the receiving end of Piers’ jibes this week, after he slammed Zayn Malik on ‘Good Morning Britain’.

He accused Zayn of being “deliberately rude” and “difficult” by repeatedly pulling out of planned promo appearances, before recalling he did with the pop singer when he was still a member of One Direction, claiming he was “surly the whole time”.

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