Morrisons Sells Bargain Oysters At Just 25p Each In Time For Valentine's Day

If you're looking to impress your beau with an aphrodisiac-filled dinner on Valentine’s Day, you might want to head down to Morrisons.

The supermarket is now selling fresh British Pacific oysters for just 25p each - the price of an average cod fish finger.

The bargain offer is designed to make the exclusive shellfish affordable for everyone on 14 February.

According to Morrisons, their oyster price is the cheapest on the high street. In fact, it is believed to be the lowest retail price for individual oysters in the UK for 25 years.

Recent research by the supermarket identified that nearly two thirds of Brits have never eaten an oyster, even though 2,300 tonnes will be harvested in Britain this year. A total of 50% of Britain’s oyster harvest is now exported to Europe every 12 months.

The research revealed that one quarter (25%) of people said they’d never tried an oyster due to the perceived "expensive" price, with 44% saying they didn’t want to waste money on something that they may not like.

In addition, the research found that one fifth of people thought they’d never shopped anywhere that sold them.

Currently, oysters can sell for over £5 each in Harrods and Selfridges food hall oyster bars, twenty times the price of Morrisons' oysters.

Retailer oyster price comparison, created by Morrisons:

Morrisons: 25p (Pacific Oysters, grade No.04 at 60gm)

Aldi: Not sold

Asda: Not sold

Harrods (Caviar & Oyster Bar): £5.33 (Native Oysters, grade No.00 at 150gm+)

Lidl: 47p (Pacific Oysters, grade unknown)

Loch Fyne shop: £1.28 (Rock Oysters, grade No. 02 at 90-105g)

Marks & Spencer: Not sold

Sainsbury’s: Not sold

Selfridges (Oyster & Champagne Bar): £5.67 (Native Oysters, grade No.00 at 150gm+)

Tesco: 50p (Pacific Oysters, grade No.04 at 46gm - 65gm)

Waitrose: 79p (Pacific Oysters, grade No.04 at 46gm - 65gm)

Morrisons will be stocking live Pacific oysters, which are cultivated on the West Coast of Scotland and Ireland. Each oyster will weigh approximately 60g.

They will be available in all stores as a pack of six in the fresh fish section, and as single oysters in stores with stand-alone fish counters.

The shellfish will be sold at 25p for one week by the retailer in the run up to Valentine’s Day (from 8-14 February).

It is expected that the product, a known aphrodisiac, will be purchased by couples wishing to prepare a romantic dinner for a night in.

Adam Cotton, Seafood Buyer for Morrisons, said: "We want to make oysters affordable enough for anyone to try them and they now cost little more than a fish finger. Our fishmongers are ready to help customers who are worried about how to serve and eat them."

David Jarrard, from The Shellfish Association of Great Britain (SAGB) added: "We’ve cultivated oysters in the UK for hundreds of years, indeed since Roman times. They used to be a peasant dish, but since the 1970s there was a move to take them upmarket – and their price rocketed.

"Now, instead of being eaten in Britain, nearly half of our stock is shipped abroad. It’s great to see oysters being revived as they are nutritious and tasty."

For any novices, SAGB gives this advice on how to prepare an oyster:

1. Begin at your sink. Clean your oysters thoroughly under cold running water.

2. Get a tea towel. Wrap it completely around one hand and use this hand to firmly hold the oyster.

3. Get a shucking knife and place in your free hand. Put the knife’s tip at the base of the oyster shell hinge and use pressure to twist the knife. Then move the knife upwards to prise the shell open.

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