How To Break A Toblerone Properly (Warning: This Simple Hack Will Change Your Life)

You've (Probably) Been Breaking Toblerone All Wrong

You know when something happens that changes the way you've done something throughout your life - and you feel pretty excited about it but kind of gutted that you never knew about it way back when?

Well that's how we feel right now, because brainiac Kaitlin Moore has revealed how to properly break a Toblerone and it has, quite frankly, blown our minds.

For years, many of us tackled a Toblerone, struggled and then failed to break off the tiny triangle pieces. Instead ending up in some kind of chocolatey mess.

Those who didn't have the patience or muscle power to break it off that way would risk causing some serious damage to their teeth by biting down hard on the chocolate and attempting to tear it away.

But, alas, we've all been doing it wrong.

Instead of attempting to prise apart the pieces, simply push the top of each triangle down and it should snap away from the rest of the chocolate.

Life changing.