'Celebrity Big Brother' Star Stephanie Davis Admits Breaking Up With Sam Reece Via Text Message

Ouch! Stephanie Reveals How She Broke Up With Sam

Stephanie Davis has opened up about her recent break-up from Sam Reece, revealing that she split from the model via text message. Ouch.

The nation was watching as Stephanie got closer to, and later kissed, Jeremy McConnell on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, and when she exited the house, Steph had to tie up loose ends - aka, break up with Sam.

Stephanie and Sam in happier times

Speaking during an appearance on ‘Loose Women’, Stephanie discussed her relationship, telling the panel: “I knew he cheated on me time and time again and I decided to stay with him only because of the fact of what I went through in my past.

“I couldn’t leave and he’d do stupid things and stuff. But yes definitely over and yes me and Jeremy will see each other.”

She then moved on to the break-up itself, explaining: “I sent a text, not that night...the next day or some point I don’t know.

Stephanie shared a relationship update with the panel

“I just said you know, I said a lot of things but, ‘it’s nice to see you’ve been making money off the back of it, now you’ve got your own money I don’t have to pay for everything'.

“Good luck with everything and I’ve finally met someone who does love me for being me’. But all the stuff in the papers I’ve seen, which I knew about already, I’m not even angry because everything in life happens for a reason and it’s led me to Jez.”

Jeremy and Stephanie's relationship was the talk of the series

However, the path to true love doesn’t always run smoothly in celebland, and Stephanie and Jeremy were caught having a blazing row just hours after smooching their way through the ‘CBB’ final.

Their row came after pictures of Jeremy cosying up to a clubber were revealed online however, the star denied cheating on Stephanie.

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