Woman's Ironic Ultrasound Photo Pays Homage To Contraceptive Coil: 'I Think It Has My Eyes'

A woman has paid homage to her contraceptive coil in the most ironic and hilarious way - by framing an ultrasound scan of it and popping it on her fridge.

Reddit user 'IUDeeeznutz' explained that one month after having her IUD fitted, she was asked to go for a check-up and ultrasound.

Sitting in the waiting room of a hospital renowned as "the baby factory" in the city where she lives, IUDeeeznutz noticed just how many excited pregnant women were in there waiting for their ultrasounds to catch a glimpse of their unborn babies.

Meanwhile she was there to check on her baby-preventing device.

"Ladies and gentleman, I present my precious non-baby"

She wrote: "After sitting for a half hour in a waiting room surrounded by pregnant women, I was laughing to myself thinking about how ironic my experience is going to be as this is not the typical excited woman seeing the first pictures of her baby.

"You know, the quintessential gleaming moment where the husband is holding his wife's hand and they get their first glimpse of their tiny baby. Exciting stuff but it wouldn't be for me."

During her ultrasound appointment, she spotted her IUD on the screen and jokingly commented on how "adorable" it was. She then sarcastically asked the technician if she could print a photo for her to put on the fridge.

Hilariously, the technician went out of the room and returned with a print out of IUDeeeznutz's contraceptive coil ultrasound.

Writing about her experience afterwards, she said that sitting in the waiting room that day, with lots of "severely loud and obnoxious" small children, she felt "very reassured" about her birth control choice.


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