Jude Law Just Took Promoting A Car To A Whole New Level

Jude Law surprised guests on Tuesday night as he made an appearance at a fan event.

Billed as a 'new immersive cinematic experience' the event saw up to 100 guests to take centre-stage in a performance and become the star of their very own personalised show.

The unwitting participants were catapulted into a live theatrical experience to launch ‘The Life RX’ - a multi-sensorial world of excitement and thrills, as Jude Law stars in the latest TV advert for the Lexus RX.

Jude Law surprised fans at the evening by turning up on the 'red carpet'.

Designed to celebrate a new car, each room brought with it new scenarios and unexpected experiences that required guests to improvise in their new persona as an international movie star as the rest of the cast of professionally trained actors had been fully briefed to work around their specific personalities.

Speaking at the event, Jude Law said: "Starring in tonight’s immersive event was amazing. I’ve been a huge fan of the team behind the experience tonight for many years, having seen a lot of work that they have previously done. So it was very interesting being on the other side as a part of the team creating it."

Guest were treated like A-list film stars and included every part of the celebrity lifestyle, fans got to walk a red carpet event, be the 'star' of a movie and for an hour really live the Hollywood dream.

Lexus RX event