10 Pictures That Prove Victoria Beckham Still Has A Left Hand And Right Arm

The Daily Mail have been asking all the important questions, after they queried on Friday's (12 February) front page: "Has Posh got a left hand?"

The newspaper has been very concerned about the whereabouts of Victoria Beckham's paw, after it went missing in a number of recent photographs.

But funnily enough, it wasn't the first time that they've become obsessed with parts of her anatomy, as the Mail previously wondered if she was also in possession of a right arm.

Well, after launching an very extensive search, HuffPost UK can confirm that Posh does indeed have a left hand AND a right arm (shock horror!) and we've got the photos to prove it...

Look, here they are holding an award

Posh Spice's left hand and right arm (LISTICLE)

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