L2M: Introducing The US Girl Group Being Tipped As ‘The Next Spice Girls'

You might not have heard of L2M yet, but we have a feeling that’s aaallllll about to change.

Big things are predicted for the US girl group, which is made up of five 11 and 12-year old girls - Mariangeli, McKenzie, Lexi, Tati and Jenna - and they’re already being tipped as the next Spice Girls.

They're big shoes to fill but with debut single ‘Girlz’ already creating a buzz following their launch in New York earlier this month, manager Tim Byrne (who also helped Steps and One Direction to mega stardom) is confident they’ll soon be a household name.

“For eleven and twelve year olds they are all quite exceptional,” Tim says. “They have that likeability factor, they’re easy to work with, they love each other, and I know the public are going to instantly fall in love with them.”

Meet the girls in our gallery below...


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