Morning Coffee Could Be Replaced With A Caffeine Bracelet Known As Joule

Your morning cup of coffee could be replaced by a bracelet that is designed to help with the extra jolt of energy you need.

Joule is a "caffein-delivering bracelet" delivers the chemical "straight to your bloodstream."

The Indiegogo project claims the bracelet will like a nicotine patch - gradually releasing a steady supply of caffeine without "any of the typical energy crashes, jitters or other negative effects."

In terms of the science, the bracelet will reportedly deliver the chemicals across the skin as part of controlled release through "the user's skin."

The process if dubbed as "transdermal administration." A study in 2008 stated that it is "represents an attractive alternative to oral delivery of drugs."

According to the bracelet's producers, the Joule has "roughly the same caffeine content as a cup of coffee but administered over four hours."

It works on the wrist as there is less fatty tissue in that region blocking the chemicals' pathway to the bloodstream.

The project's goal is to raise £10489 ($15,000). However, developers have already hit target, raising more than £30,201 ($43,181).