Baker Turns Break-Up Quotes Into Desserts To 'Sweeten The Words' That Once Took Her Appetite Away

Break-ups can be pretty horrendous. You cry a fair amount, drink a little more wine than is necessary and end up with "what ifs?" floating around your mind at all manner of times, day and night.

Your stomach is an empty pit of despair. Your appetite, lost.

To help ease the pain of heartache, Isabella Giancarlo is taking break-up quotes from anonymous web users and transforming them into edible desserts. So you can quite literally "eat your heart out".

While it's quite an unusual pairing, we can't help but think Giancarlo, who is a strategist and designer based in Brooklyn, is on to a winner.

She told BuzzFeed: "Break-ups are often so fraught with awkwardness, cliches, and lines that stay with us long after they’ve been said.

"Part therapy, part poetry, through 'Eat Your Heart Out' I sought to sweeten words that initially took my appetite away."

Her aim is to "allow people to engage with break-up feelings in a new way".

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