Simple Algebra Fruit Puzzle Divides Facebook Users

A simple brainteaser, which started out as a problem for children, is now baffling adults on Facebook too.

The maths problem has been doing the rounds online since December and is still puzzling grown-ups after HuffPost UK Parents posted the story on social media yesterday.

Spoiler alert, we are about to walk you through the answer:

In the algebraic answer three sets of maths equations involving fruit and numbers.

In the first one, three apples equal 30, which must mean that each apple has a numerical value of ten.

The second puzzle has one apple and two bunches of bananas adding up to 18. If one apple equals 10, then each set of bananas must have a value of four.

The penultimate maths puzzle involves one bunch of bananas and two coconut halves equalling two. This must set each coconut half at one.

For the grand finale, the sum reads one coconut half, one apple and one set of bananas equals ??

Based on all the numbers so far, many have argued that the final value is either 15 or 16. However, the correct answer is 14.

If you look closely at the last bunch of bananas there appears to be only three, which should resolve any arguments you have.

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