End Of An Era: Tesco Stops Selling Curved Croissants In The Name Of 'Spreadability'

Tray full of croissants.
Jordi Ruiz via Getty Images
Tray full of croissants.

In a move that is sure to break thousands of hearts across the nation, Tesco has announced that after much deliberation it will stop selling curved croissants.

Controversial, we know.

The supermarket said that, as of 17 February, it will instead sell straight croissants because they are easier to spread butter and jam on.

It added that demand for curved croissants had fallen over time, which they attribute to difficulties spreading condiments over the tricky shape.

Harry Jones, from Tesco, said: "At the heart of the move away from curved croissants is the ‘spreadability’ factor.

"The majority of shoppers find it easier to spread jam, or their preferred filling, on a straighter shape with a single sweeping motion.

"With the crescent shaped croissants, it’s more fiddly and most people can take up to three attempts to achieve perfect coverage, which increases the potential for accidents involving sticky fingers and tables."

According to Tesco shoppers, straight croissants are "more sophisticated and are of a better quality".