01/04/2015 11:30 BST | Updated 19/02/2016 08:59 GMT

‘Gogglebox' Quotes: The World According To Steph And Dom, Sandra And Sandy, Scarlett Moffatt And Their Castmates

Channel 4

Ever since ‘Gogglebox’ hit our screens, the show’s sofa stars have wormed their way into our lives and, let's be honest, their verdicts are quite often the only TV reviews that matter.

As critics, June and Leon, the Moffatt family and the many other individuals who’ve starred on the show have never held back and no topic is ever off-limits (well, apart from when June refused to watch a show about dogging but that's another story).

Let’s not forget Reverend Kate and her husband, or the Gilbeys, who are making a surprise return to the show.

Then there are Steph and Dom Parker, whose boozy conclusions often have us in stitches, while Sandra's candid one-liners leave us crying with laughter, and slightly worried about where she gets her information from.

So as 'Gogglebox' returns to our screens, check out the best ever sofa-bound quotes below...

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