19/02/2016 09:23 GMT | Updated 13/09/2017 13:52 BST

London Fashion Week: How To Get Street Style Snapped By Photographers

Fancy being spotted by street style photographers at this year's London Fashion Week? We've got all the insider info.

Some of the world’s leading street style snappers partnered with The May Fair Hotel - and they've shared their top tips with HuffPost UK.

Read on to find out what they're looking for:.

Christian Vierig from The Styleograph isn't looking for haute couture - instead, he's on the hunt for "wearable outfits people can wear in their everyday life."

"I'm looking for authentic people who feel comfortable with what they are wearing," he said. "I don't like to shoot people who are overdressed or just dress up to get photographed."

Diego Zuko, the photographer behind The Outsider, is also looking for "authentic" people.

"Mix a vintage piece with a nice handbag or cool shoes for an effortless look," he suggests. "Dress simple and wear one statement piece – never wear them all together.

"Be cool, don't try too hard to be noticed - we have a sixth sense to spot people.”


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