Jewellery Store Raid Attempt Suspect 'Wore Women's Clothes'

Jewellery Store Raid Attempt Suspect 'Wore Women's Clothes'

An armed raider has tried to rob a jeweller's - dressed in women's clothes.

The man entered the store wearing a long black wig, a black skirt, a long-sleeved top, dark sunglasses and carrying a handbag.

He then threatened two workers with a suspected firearm, believed to be an imitation, in Leatherhead High Street, Surrey, just before 5pm on Friday.

But the man ended up fleeing following a confrontation. His accomplice, wearing a crash helmet, was held by staff members and passers-by. It is unclear whether anything was stolen.

As forensic experts scoured the scene for clues, Detective Inspector Jon Vogel, of Surrey Police, said he hoped the suspect's "memorable attire" would help bring forward witnesses.

He said: "This is clearly a very unusual offence where two men in distinctive clothing have attempted an audacious robbery and I would urge anyone who saw what happened to contact police."

The two members of staff suffered minor injuries and have been left "shaken".

A man aged 45 from Walton-on-Thames has been arrested on suspicion of robbery.


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