This Girl's Throwing Skills Are So Good They're Almost Unbelievable

This girl has some of the most impressive throwing skills we've ever seen. No matter where she's looking, she always gets the perfect shot.

Ashley Holcomb uploaded a video to Twitter of a series of clips showing the girl randomly chucking objects into buckets, pots and even toasters.

She manages to throw a DVD into a DVD player with her back turned and chuck her toothbrush into a small pot in the bathroom without looking.

Each time the girl makes the perfect shot, she beams at the camera in amazement.

We're still unsure whether or not her skills are 100% real - if not that's some seriously impressive video editing skills.

The video, tweeted on Friday 5 February 2016, has had more than 1,000 retweets in three weeks.

While some are crediting the girl as being a "shot genius", others have said it's "completely fake".

What do you think?