23/02/2016 07:25 GMT | Updated 23/02/2016 07:59 GMT

People Reveal The 'Most Pathetic Thing They've Done' To Impress Someone They Fancy

We've all been there: you fancy the pants off someone and end up doing something completely and utterly stupid to win their affection.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it seriously backfires.

flirting embarrassed

After one Reddit user asked his fellow internet chums about the "most pathetic thing" they've done for a crush. There were plenty of stories to be shared...

The Terrible Pick-Up Line

The Mixtape Master

The Dress-To-Impress Kid

The Shoe-Off

The Unrequited Traveller

The Jesus Rock Convert

The Shy One

The Letter Writer

The Pink-Haired Lover

The Friend-Zoner

The Borderline Stalker

The Runner

The Money Lender


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