24/02/2016 09:45 GMT | Updated 24/02/2016 09:59 GMT

Man Live-Tweets Proposal To Girlfriend While She's Stuck On Two-Hour Flight

When author Durjoy Datta proposed to his girlfriend Avantika Mohan, he used his creative skills to wow her - over the internet.

While Mohan was on a two-hour flight, Datta sent a series of romantic tweets as he waited for her at the airport.

Using the hashtag #marrymeavantika, he told the world that he'd booked a wedding for them in a week's time. Problem was, he hadn't yet proposed.

Datta then tweeted a series of cute pictures of friends and family

And it wasn't long before strangers were using the hashtag

Thankfully, Mohan was also impressed by her boyfriend's proposal.

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