The Eero Router Could Cure Bad WiFi, Forever

We're going to go out on a limb here and suggest that your home WiFi probably has a few 'dead zones'. In short, it's a bit rubbish.

You're not alone, everyone suffers from them. In fact even technology journalists know the huge inconvenience of finding that while the WiFi is blisteringly fast in the living room it crashes into a slow crawl the moment you leave the room and get into the kitchen.

This little white box then might present both you and us with the single easiest solution we've seen yet. It's called Eero and it started life as a small Indiegogo campaign.

The idea behind it is simple: rather than buying one extremely powerful router that tries to cover the entire house you buy three which then work together to create a huge 'mesh' which covers the house, the garden and even the basement.

it's not cheap, we'll get that out of the way now, it costs £360 for a set of three. As such we can only really recommend for those people lucky enough to have fibre optic that's being woefully distributed around the house.

Once you've bought it though the paying is arguably the most difficult bit, the system then connects via an app on iPhone or Android.

So what makes this setup different to others? Well one popular way of making your WiFi better is by using something called a WiFi Extender, this works by boosting your routers WiFi.

More often than not it can struggle though - it only has one radio which has to deal with the WiFi from your router and then send it on to your phone. All of this translates into slower, weaker WiFi.

What makes the Eero different is that it has two radios, so it can constantly receive and boost the signal at the same time.

If that all sounds like your cup of tea you should be able to order the Eero later this week via the website or via Amazon.