26/02/2016 11:39 GMT | Updated 26/02/2016 11:59 GMT

Katie Hopkins Shares Scar Picture Following Brain Surgery

Katie Hopkins has tweeted a picture of her scar, following a 12-hour operation that saw surgeons remove an “apricot-sized” section of her brain.

The controversial personality underwent the surgery earlier this week, and tweeted from her hospital bed shortly after the op.

She’s now shared a picture of her skull, showing the stitches and wound that remain:

Katie has also penned a new column about the surgery, sharing her thoughts on the op and the resulting scar.

“My scars are the making of me. Two gashes across my scalp, now far more precious to me than looks that will fade or the beauty of the genetically blessed,” she wrote for MailOnline.

“Perhaps in a society which cares so much for possessions and the drivel of vloggers, based on their tenuous relationship with childhood bullying and their local Mac counter, we need scars of real life which we can wear with pride to show we have truly prevailed to remember what matters.

“I will wear mine like a poppy of pride, to show respect for the brave men and women who battled against my brain for 12 hours in the cold of the theatre to give me a chance of getting old.”

katie hopkins

Katie Hopkins

Katie’s op was a bid to cure her epilepsy, and speaking shortly after it had taken place, her agent stated that it was “a little trickier than the surgeons expected”.

Although there were no complications, the op, which could have left the former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate with impaired vision or speech deficiency, did take longer than expected.

The star was warned of the possible dangers before going under the knife, with one doctor telling her, "the price you pay to enter the casino of neuro-surgery is uncertainty".

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