Leonardo DiCaprio Might Finally Win An Oscar, But A Comedy Definitely Won't - Here Are 10 That Surprisingly Did

It's Oscar Nominations Trivia Time!

It's that time of year again - Oscars time, that is.


With all eyes on Leonardo DiCaprio this year, hoping to make it fifth time lucky, he may be wondering what he has to do to ensure he has at least one statuette from the Academy from his mantelpiece in a career lasting 25 years now.

One thing we know for sure - he should probably continue to play it straight, because there's one thing we already know about this year's winners. Once again, it won't be a comedy walking off with Best Picture. There are no comedies in the nominations shortlist for that category, and nor are there any stars being funny in the best acting categories.

Comedy films normally get short shrift from the Academy - it's rare for one to be nominated for Best Picture, let alone win. They're more likely to be recognised in the screenwriting categories - indeed, half of this year's nominees are comedy screenplays - and with that in mind, here's your Oscar trivia for the day:

10 comedy films that won Oscars for best screenplay (original or adapted):

And 10 great comedies that were nominated for best screenplay - but didn't win:

And one final piece of trivia: which comedy film is 30 years old this year, widely regarded as a classic - and was completely overlooked by the Academy, not garnering a single Oscar nomination? Two words: "Hello Cleveland!"


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